Strategies to plan your business recovery and future resilience

Resurgent Collaborative assists organizations in recalibrating their business models and workforces following significant business crises, and in planning for future health- or event-based business disruption.

As the apex of COVID-19 approaches, organizations need to plan for their business recovery.

Companies cannot afford to return to business as usual. The weaknesses of standard business systems and processes have been starkly revealed.

A resurgent American economy would do more to restore the world’s confidence in its future than anything else. That future begins with you, your employees, your stakeholders, your customers…your business.

Who We Are

We are an accomplished team of experts assembled to help you navigate your recovery so that your operation may emerge stronger than before. Our expertise ranges from Crisis Management, Media Relations, Risk Management, Cyber Security, IT Audit & Compliance and Incident Planning & Response to Business Continuity Planning & Communication, Operations Reopening, Finance, Human Resources, Quality Assurance and Legal.

What We Do

Resurgent Collaborative can help you create sound and actionable plans during chaotic times. We have the communications, crisis planning, risk management, cyber security, international health care, quality assurance, human resources, legal and finance expertise to assist with every aspect of a business’ recovery. We are an unprecedented team of experts for an unprecedented time.

Your business recovery begins now.

Resurgent Collaborative offers services in three portfolios:

Brand Stewardship & Protection

Resurgent Collaborative guides organizations in addressing top threats to their brands, trains key personnel, and provides scenario planning and respected stakeholder development. We advise and execute on:

  • Crisis Planning & Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Guidance for New Product Launches
  • Reputation Management
  • Interaction with Government Agencies
  • Stakeholder Outreach & Development
  • Advisory Board Creation
  • Corporate Governance

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Business Risks

Whether in preparation for or in response to business disruptions, Resurgent Collaborative delivers expertise in:

  • Risk Assessment & Abatement
  • Insurance Program Consulting
  • Cyber Security
  • Remote Workforce Security
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • IT Audit & Compliance
  • Incident Planning & Response
  • Risk Transference
  • Chief Information Security Officer services
  • Cash Flow & Liquidity Assessment

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Business Recovery & Return to Work Strategies

Following a significant crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to work can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Resurgent Collaborative is here to help you meet such challenges by providing:

  • COVID-19-Specific Services
  • Return to Work Guidance & Checklists
  • Health Risk Communications Training
  • Return to Resilience
  • Establishment of Workforce Health Benchmarks & Goals
  • Remote Work Health Strategies for a Location-Free Workforce
  • Consultation on the Emotional & Physical Ramifications of Isolation programs
  • Recovery Financial Forecasting.

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The Team

Resurgent Collaborative is proud to work in cooperation with:

One of the leading law firms in the state of Ohio, Faruki provides best-in-class business litigation and counselling to clients across the country from its offices in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. A “heartland gem” according to U.S. News Best Law Firms, the firm’s attorneys provide strategic guidance to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small, privately-held businesses and organizations.

Faruki attorneys are expert at working with clients to effectively assess strategic legal challenges and to map paths forward in combination with internal (senior executives, board members, key personnel) as well as external (courts, insurers, auditors, governmental, press) audiences. Resurgent clients needing legal support for their pandemic recovery efforts are invited to contact Jeff Cox with the Faruki firm at (937) 227-3704 or Legal services provided by Faruki PLL are under separate engagement and fee arrangements.*

*Retention of Resurgent Collaborative does not create an attorney client relationship with Faruki PLL, nor should this information be construed as providing legal advice or an opinion on any specific situation.

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